Tooth or Teeth Replacement (Dental Implants)

smilingwomanmatureDental implants are the most advanced fixed replacement for missing or severely damaged teeth. At Coronado Classic Dentistry, cosmetic dentist Jason Keckley, DMD performs all phases of the implant procedure, from implantation of the titanium post to fitting the custom crown onto the implant abutment. Completing the entire implant procedure in-house is not only convenient for patients, it maintains continuity of care throughout the process to provide the opportunity for optimal results. Starting with your consultation, Dr. Keckley will use the latest dental imaging technology to analyze your dental concerns and carefully develop an individualized dental implant treatment plan designed to restore your smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer several significant advantages as an effective method of tooth replacement. As one of the most reliable, functional, and long-lasting options for replacing missing teeth, dental implants continue to gain preference among dentists and patients alike.

  • Implant-based tooth restorations are often virtually indistinguishable from surrounding teeth.
  • Dental implants can preserve healthy surrounding teeth that would otherwise be modified to accommodate a fixed bridge.
  • Because they are fixed securely in place like a natural tooth, implants do not interfere with speech, eating, or smiling.
  • The implant post can help maintain jaw bone density by stimulating bone growth.
  • With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can provide a lasting solution for tooth replacement.
  • In the long-term, dental implants can be a cost-effective option for replacing missing teeth.
  • Dental implants offer unsurpassed strength and durability.
  • Implanted posts can be paired with single tooth restorations or used to secure implant supported dentures.

If you are interested in finding out if dental implants may be the right option for you, we encourage you to contact our practice today. A member of our team can help you schedule a consultation with Dr. Keckley.

The Dental Implant Procedure

dentalimplants-copy-300x210Once Dr. Keckley has formulated your treatment plan, the first step is preparing the area for implantation of the titanium post. This process may involve extraction of the damaged tooth if it has not yet been removed, treatment of the gum tissue to eliminate disease, or even bone grafting (in some cases) to build up the supportive structure of the jaw. When healing is complete, the next step is surgical placement of the implant post within the jawbone directly below the site of the missing tooth. Custom designed dental crowns will then be created to be placed atop the implant post. The color, shape, and size of the crown is customized to fit Dr. Keckley’s exact specifications in order to deliver a replacement tooth that is an ideal complement to your natural teeth. After the titanium post has completely fused and integrated with the jawbone, the crown can be placed to create the finished tooth. Typically, the end result can be a durable, functional dental implant that very closely resembles a healthy natural tooth.

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